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Here we will be posting all sorts of media that Mother has contributed itself in!

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Quick blog update!

Hey guys, Mod Mesprit here. I’m terribly sorry for not updating this blog enough…. U.U Exams are coming up and reviews are being thrown at my head left and right… Things will be slow now, but I’ll try to post when I can. Mod Skully will update whenever they can as well!
Thanks for your cooperation!
-Mod Mesprit


The Chosen Four, the Complete Set!

You’re never too young to change the world.





This was fun! I’ll be doing a Mother 3 set next, starting with Lucas. So follow me if you want to keep up to date with that!

Anonymous sent: Hi! May I request some Mother fan art? Thanks!



Hope you don’t mind the shipping, I may draw more general fanart in the future




Just random Lucas and Claus doodles so far. I don’t draw Lucas a lot.


a bunch of sweaty heros