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This blog will focus on the entirety of the Mother series!

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Here we will be posting all sorts of media that Mother has contributed itself in!

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target  acquired


she’s a killer



"The Insane Cultist and its cohorts trapped you!"
It’s the blue-obsessed Happy Happyist cult members from Earthbound.
Also their cow!


Some Mother 3 fanart that took FOREVER that probably would use more work if I didn’t get lazy overwhelmed by it.

This is literally half watercolor half digital

Sketches of my design of R63/genderbent Duster. 

Pre-timeskip, DCMC, Pigmask uniform and post-timeskip.

Okay that wraps this celebration up!

Thanks for staying with us on MOTHER’s 25th anniversary! Regular scheduled queued blogging will continue tomorrow! And remember..

"No crying until the end"